Not actually by a guy named Rourke.

"Sorry, I only indulge the fetishes of men who spell out all of their words."


+5 for normal-ish (if annoying) first sentence, segueing directly into foot fetish.

+6 because barefoot on a cake is new. At least it’s not barefoot in a box of worms or something.

+3 because you know this is a copied-and-pasted mass message, so that every lady on OK Cupid now knows about Jim’s frosting-on-feet boner. Come on, Jim. You clearly have the internet. Maybe google image some things instead of harassing unsuspecting women?




And I’m pretty sure she’d reply to this by telling you you’re a twat.


You’re just like Margaret Thatcher - she had great tits too.


+3 for classic neg.

+4 for “Margaret Thatcher” and “tits” in the same sentence.

+2 for old-right-wing-lady fetish. Next up: Nancy Reagan.


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Sexism 2: The Self-Referencing – GABBY'S PLAYHOUSE

that's me right there


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FACT: In 2011, Exxon’s total profit was $41.06 billion or $1300 every second.


A few other facts about the oil giant’s mind-blowing billions.

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“We have so much foreign influence today. I’m looking at a Coke can with a polar bear on it. Where do we go from here?”


sexists pls try harder, this gender commentary shit is getting boring


sexists pls try harder, this gender commentary shit is getting boring

“Gingrich claimed that his actions stemmed from “how passionately I felt about this country” and, truly, nothing says “patriotism” more clearly than taking your pants off and banging a congressional aide – as long as you’re Newt Gingrich, of course. He declined to attend the wedding of his lesbian half-sister, Candace Gingrich-Jones, having referred to gay marriage as “a temporary aberration” and, really, there is no one better placed to sound off on the sanctity of the institution of marriage than Newt Gingrich. Sadly, space prevents me from getting too deeply into other subtleties of Newt’s character – that he condemned Freddie Mac for its part in the housing collapse while omitting to mention that he had received $1.6m from them as a consultant, say – but let’s just say that he is the perfect summation of all the ticklish and self-serving contradictions one now expects of a party that argues for tax breaks for the rich while pretending to be a friend of the working man. Newt for 2012!”

“The actual process of governing has descended to soundbites. In the US the Obama administration has failed to produce a major policy document on any area of key policy concern: the budget, taxation, energy, climate, financial regulation, healthcare or poverty. Policies and legislation are decided in the backrooms dominated by lobbyists and negotiators. Politics is by horse-trading among interest groups – not by reason, expertise and democratic deliberation.”

“Don’t attach yourself to anyone who shows you the least bit of attention because you’re lonely. Loneliness is the human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space. The best you can do is know yourself; know what you want.”

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“Anyway it only makes sense if you assume those premises; that all human interaction is exchange, and therefore, all ongoing relations are debts. This flies in the face of everything we actually know or experience of human life. But once you start thinking that the market is the model for all human behavior, that’s where you end up with.”

—   This interview with David Graeber on “What Is Debt?” is one of the most thought-provoking things published this year about the premises of finance. (via moorehn)

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Congressmen's incomes triple while America gets poorer — RT


If you feel like Congress fat cats can’t relate to their fellow Americans anymore, the truth behind the matter might just be that they can’t.

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